In order to bring you the optimal experience, we decide to completely re-design SocialShop's interface. Specifically, we separate the product feed and product list to give you better control and understanding of your items.

1. Feed Center: Understand your feed better with distinct item's status

Your feed is displayed here with detailed information including Approved Status, Platform, Market and Language/Currency

In details, you can view all product's status by hovering on the Approved Status bar, or clicking on the feed 

Moreover, you are able to sync the feed manually. First, you need to turn off the feed so the changes you made in-app do not get submitted to Google Merchant Center automatically. Then, click Submit located on the far right of the feed once you want the changes to be synced. 

Note: This Submit button can still be used when the feed is active. You can use it to re-submit your entire feed after editing product's information.

2. Product Sources: View and manage all products in one place

All of your products are here with Filter and Source Settings

In Filter, you can choose to sync All Product or Specific Collections from your store to our app

In Source Settings, aside from the old settings in previous version, you are now able to see the total amount of products in the app, along with the choice to import unpublished product

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