Socialshop allows you to create, manage and optimize your Google Merchant Center's product feed with a simple setup process. 

1. Create your product feed

You will be guided to link your Google Merchant Center account to your Shopify account.

Then, Socialshop will sync your products to create your Google Product Feed. It will take around 30 minutes for the feed to appear in Merchant Center.

Any time you make changes to your products whether in-app or in-store, updates will be automatically sent to Merchant Center.

2. Manage your product feed

You can modify products' attributes by bulk assigning values to them. If you are new to this, get yourself more familiar with the required and recommended data fields by reading Google's article on Product Data Specification

After making the changes, you can add new column of product's attributes to see how they will turn out.  

3. Optimize your product feed

You are able to see product's status, as well as errors from Merchant Center that are in need of correction. 

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