Manage your fanpage has become easier than ever with Socialreply. We do not only help you to manage direct messages, but you can also manage comments on Facebook page.

Auto hide comment

This function allows merchants to hide comments on Facebook fanpage automatically. Here, merchants will have two options:

Hide all comments from your posts

First, enable the feature, then tick on Auto-hide all comments. Finally, click Save Settings.

Afterwards, all future comments on your posts will be hidden.

Hide comments containing words, or phrases that you do not want to appear from your posts

First, enable the feature, then tick on Auto hide by keywords. You can input words or phrases yourself, or select from our Keywords Suggestions. Finally, click Save Settings.

For example, if you want to hide all comments related to asking price of product, you need to fill in suitable keyword such as "how much" or "price".

Then, all future comments containing the keyword “how much” will be hidden.

Note: If your followers are friends on Facebook, they can still see each other's comment on that post.

Auto reply comment

With this feature, instead of replying to each and every follower, you will be able to automatically reply to all comments. Better yet, you can set a different reply to each type of comment.

Default reply to all comments

Click Enable, then tick on Reply all comment. Next, fill in the default reply message and click Save Settings.

Different replies to different comments based on keywords

Click Enable, then tick on Reply by keywords. Next, fill in Keyword with the corresponding Reply Content in the box next to it and Save Settings.

You can add more keywords & reply contents by clicking on Add more keywords & content

Tip: You can click on {/} to Add Variant that helps personalize your message

Note: The settings only apply to future comments. Your existing comments are unaffected.

If you have any questions while using these features, do not hesitate to contact us via in-app live chat or email at