General setup

From Dashboard, users will see the Volume Discount tab showing under the Bulk Discount section. Clicking on it and hit the Add Discount button.

Create a discount

Name the Offer Name
Tap Set end date to select End Date, or the campaign will run until you turn it off.
Select Threshold Spend Discount and then Discount Percentage Off
Fill in Threshold 1
Add Threshold (optional)

Volume Discount Name: Enter a name to distinguish your campaign among several ones.
Volume Discount Code: This is automatically created by OneUpsell and can be editable. The discount code will be visible to customers on the Add-to-Cart page and Checkout page.
Duration: Timespan of this Volume Discount type.

💭 What is Spend calculation in cart?

The spend in Cart page can be counted after/ before other volume discount types.

Calculate cart total spend after other discounts apply: Discount will be based on Sale price. If you select this, the item's price will include other discount campaigns at first, then continue applying this Spend Discount (if reach the Threshold).

Formula: Subtotal (Total Cart Value) = Sale price - (Sale price x A%) - Discount amount (from other discount) (optional)

Calculate cart total spend before other discounts apply: Discount will be based on Compare of price. That means we apply Spend Discount amount at first, and the price here does not include any discount amount (from other discount campaign).

Formula: Subtotal = Sale price - (Compare of price x A%).

Note: Multiple discount campaigns here can be Price Editor, Flash Sale, Threshold Quantity Discount.

Example: Let's say if you have item A whose Sale Price is $300 and Compare of Price is $500. Then, you setup Threshold Spend Discount with "Spend $1,200 get 10% off". The buyer purchases item A with quantity as 4.
Cart Value (Buy 4 items)Threshold Spend Discount (Spend $1,200 get 10% off)Subtotal (Total Cart Value)
After$300 x 4 = $1,200$1,200 x 10% = $120$1,080
Before$300 x 4 = $1,200($500 x 4) x 10% = $200$1,000

In details:

After: Subtotal = $1,200 (buy 4 items) - $120 (Threshold Spend Discount based on the value of the Cart matching the Threshold)

Before: Subtotal = $1,200 (buy 4 items) - $200 (Threshold Spend Discount based on the value of the Cart matching the Threshold with the Compare of Price of the products)

If a product have no Compare of price, the app will take the Sale price to discount.
Add products

There are three options: Apply to all products, Apply to specific products and Apply to any product in specific collections.

Customize design

Toggle on the place you want to announce this discount.
Click on each to see the preview on your right.

Activate a discount

Double-check your campaign's details. Click Save as draft if you want the campaign not active yet, or Save Active button to activate it immediately.

How the Threshold Spend Discount displays

A table of Threshold Spend Discount will show up on Product Details page if the campaign is active.

Also, it will show up on Cart page and Spend Discount Bar (if selected).
Cart page

Spend Discount Bar

Please click HERE to see how to customize your Threshold Spend Discount.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at