Discount Percentage Off will contribute to increase your sales with an excellent strategy - Buy more Pay less. Imagine when a customer tries to buy a product and notice the discount information, they may decide to purchase more to enjoy the offer. Get started now to bring more benefits for your store!

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A. General setup
B. How the volume displays
General Setup

From Offer Type, users will see the Volume Discount tab showing above the Quantity Breaks section. Clicking on it and hit the Create Offer button.

Create a discount

Name the Offer Name
Tap Set end date to select End Date, or your campaign will run until you turn it off.
Select Discount Percentage Off at Discount Type
Select Volume Type

Mix Products: the discount is automatically counted when the visitor's cart meets the number of the campaign's products, regardless of the products or variations. For example, your threshold is "Buy 4 get 10% off". If the buyer purchases four T-shirts in the same or different sizes, the discount will be applied.

In the case that the buyer purchases four items (2 T-shirts, 1 pant, and 1 hat), the discount will only be applied if those items are listed in the discount campaign.

Same products regardless of product variants: the percentage discount will be applied if a visitor buys enough required quantity of a product no matter which of its variants. For example: a T-Shirt whose colors are Black, White and Blue. It is applied with the threshold "Buy 4 get 10% off". A visitor will get the discount if he/she purchases 1 Black, 2 White and 1 Blue T-shirt.

If the threshold is "Buy 2 Get 15% Off" and a visitor buys 3 different variants of a product. In this case, two of the items which have more expensive prices will be applied the discount. The other one will be brought with the original price. For example: variant A is $6, variant B is $7 and variant C is $8. The formula in this case will be: ($8 + $7) x 85% + $6.
Same variant only: If a variant of the selected product is brought with the required quantity following the threshold, the visitors can get the discount. For example: A hat has the threshold "Buy 2 Get 5% Off" and a customer buys exactly 2 Red ones so he/she will get 5% off for this purchase.

Fill in the Threshold 1
Click on Add Threshold button and enter the value you want for other threshold (Optional)

Discount details:

Fill in the Threshold quantity at Buy, and Discount amount between Get and Off. Tap Add Threshold to add more.

Unlike Discount Amount Off, there is no Stackable Discount option.

The discount percentage of an additional threshold must be higher than the one of the upper threshold(s).
Add products

There are three options: Apply to specific products, Apply to any product in specific collections and Apply to all products. Select the one you need and click on Add Product button.

Customize design

Click on Volume Discount in Product Detail Page or Volume Discount in Cart Page, then click on Edit button to make any necessary adjustments.

Activate a discount

Double-check your campaign's details and continue clicking on Save as draft or Save Active button.

How the volume displays

After activating the campaign, it will automatically generate on your Products details page and Cart page (if selected).

Products details page

Cart page

Besides, we also update the Slide Cart and Popup Cart to show the Volume Discount to ensure that your customers can reach this information.

Slide Cart

Popup Cart

The visual of Slide Cart or Popup Cart will show up based on different themes.
Please click HERE to see how to customize your Volume Discount.

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