Come and try out Flash Sale Popup to see more magics for your campaign!

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A. How to create Flash Sale Popup
B. How to setup and custom Flash Sale Popup.
How to create Flash Sale Popup

Kindly ensure that you are on the OneUpsell Pricing Plan before experiencing Flash Sale Popup:

There will be two ways to add Flash Sale Popup:

While creating the campaign

In the process of adding a new campaign, please stop at the third step Select template → Activate the sales toolbox of Flash Sale Popup → Continue the rest steps → Save.

After creating the campaign

Edit Campaign: Select your preferred active campaign, tap icon and choose Edit Campaign

Add toolbox: Scroll down to Sales Tools section → Select Manage page → Activate Flash Sale Popup > Apply and Save

How to setup and custom Flash Sale Popup

Select View Detail on Flash Sale Popup tab to see what you can custom this tool to suit your style.

Popular templates

There will be five different templates for your options:


Display rule: You can completely manage the position and how the Flash Sale Popup displays here:

Enable on desktop/ mobile: Toggle on/ off these functions to show this tool on your desktop or mobile versions.
Delay before showing popup: This is how long your customer will wait to get this popup when visiting your website.
Close popup when: Allow your customers to manually close popup by Click close button or the popup will be Auto close after.
Show popup again: Some customers may accidentally disable your popup. Here you can manage to re-popup it or not.
Page to show: You can completely choose which pages your popup will display on.

Custom design

The look of your Flash Sale Popup may contribute a small part to stick visitors with your promotion.

Photo background: Click Template to select appropriate template for your popup. You can also choose your own one by Upload.

Content: Edit Title and Description to tell your customers about your campaign on the popup. Not only the content, here you also can design their style, font, color, size, etc.

Timer Countdown: This section also plays a key role to convert your visitors to buyers. Here you can design its color and background.

CTA button: This can help to redirect your visitors' pages to Landing page. Here you can design its text, color, border and fill. Furthermore, Link to Landing page means your Landing page will Open in same tab or Open in new tab by clicking on CTA button.

Flash Sale Popup only works when campaign is running
If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at