Optimizing your campaign is one of the good way to achieve significant effect, and scale more orders. With Coming Soon page, let's rise the volume of customers who may be keen on your campaign, and ready to spend time waiting until it starts.
How to create

There are two options:

While creating the campaign: In the process of adding a new campaign, please stop at the third step Select template and toggle the sales toolbox of Promotion Bar on. Then, continue finishing the rest steps and Save.

After creating the campaign:

Edit Campaign: Select your preferred active campaign, tap icon and choose Edit Campaign

Add toolbox: scroll down to Sales Tools section → choose Manage pageApply and Save

How to custom


There are two different templates can be selected.



Appealing banner might wow your customers on the sales campaign at their first glance. Here, you can freely customize Background, Content, Time Countdown and Subscribe button to best suit your theme.

Product Settings

In the past, our Coming Soon only displayed the banner that acts as a reminder of upcoming campaigns. After the mean time to research and conduct surveys from users, we realize that products with the price of $??.?? would stimulate people's curiosities. This is a golden opportunity to increase their dwell time in order to discover what will surprise and decide to spend more for this secret special.

Similar to other sale tools, you can also select a Template that appropriates your theme, and activate a Tag, Show original price.

What more special?

⚡️ Show sales price: You can opt to reveal the price like the following format: Currency - Digits - Decimal number (Ex: $3.?9). This way, you are able to put Question mark ? at anywhere you want to make people more curious.

Number of digits: helps to show digits among Question Marks ?.

Taking a product A with sales price of $14.10 for an example: If you put the digit with 3, final sales price will be $14.1?

Starting position: helps to show where the digits will be placed among ?

Taking the same above product as example again: If you put 3, final sales price will be $??.1?

⚡️ Set number of products to display: Here you can tap to show All products or Some products in Coming Soon page.

For Some products:

From the top of the sale products list: You can also manage to edit positions in product list to select which top products can be displayed.

From the sale product list randomly: Pick up the number of products (as setup) randomly to show on the page.

Custom CSS

Utilizing CSS can be a good way if you would like to custom your campaign more.

If you have any further concerns, text us at the live chat or email at support@socialhead.io