Besides creating product feed on Google Merchant Center, you can also create one for Facebook Catalog.

Create a catalog for our app on Facebook Business

First, you need to have a Facebook Business account. After creating one, log in to your Facebook Business account and create a catalog. You should choose Upload Product Info as the upload method.

Next, choose your Facebook Business account as a Catalog Owner. Click Create (Please be noted that the SocialShop account is only for illustration purpose).

Connect your Facebook Business account to our app

To import your products and have them uploaded to Facebook Catalog, login to our app, press Add Feed and choose to Connect with Facebook Catalog.

The process is the same when you connect with Google Merchant. Choose your Facebook Business Account, choose the Catalog ID that belongs to that account, then input other fields such as Target Market, Language, and Feed Name. Click Next.

You will see the Facebook feed in-app right away.

At first, the status of products will be Pending as they are being uploaded to Facebook. After they are uploaded, they will have the Activated status, and you can see them appear on your Facebook Catalog account.

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