Dealing with the same questions over and over again can be time-consuming. This is where saved replies can really help.

Saved Replies enable you to write, personalize, and send saved replies to common questions. It will certainly speed up your response time while keeping your responses personalized.

1. Create a saved reply

Click on the saved reply icon within the chatbox.

The Manage Reply pop-up will appear. Click Create Message to create a saved reply.

2. Naming your reply

Give your saved reply a memorable title that will be easy for you to search.

3. Write the content of your saved reply

Input the content of your saved reply. You should add variants to personalize the message automatically by clicking on Add Variant. Press Save to save your saved reply.

4. Sending saved replies

To send a saved reply, click the saved reply icon in the chatbox. From here, you can search your saved replies and see a preview before sending them. Click on the saved reply to send it.