What is a Subscription Button?

Having a Subscription Button on your store makes it easy for you to attract your customers' attention and gain new subscribers. A Subscription Button can be directly added on your website to get opt-ins, so it is a Growth Tool and falls under the category of Embeddable Widget.

Moreover, you can also link the button to a Chat Flow, so customers can be directed to a conversation with your bot.

How to create a Subscription Button

You can go to the Growth Tool tab > Connect your Facebook account > Choose a Facebook page to link to the Subscription Button > Choose Subscription Button to set up one.

How to customize a Subscription Button to match your store's theme

You need to go through two stages, which is Settings and Link the Subscription Button to a Chat Flow (optional)

1. Settings

First, you need to name the button
You can design the widget box before customers click the button. Simply click on the preview to edit the box's elements (add more blocks, edit content, margin, etc.)

Not stopping there, you can design the widget box after customers click the button. This function is of great help if you want customers to receive some kind of confirmation (a simple message or even a promo code) after subscribing.

Moreover, you can add a URL to redirect the customer to another site when clicking on the button.

Next, choose the button text. Please be noted that the text is pre-defined by Facebook, so you cannot input your own content.

The final step in Settings is to choose the button's position (Order status page, Product detail page, Shopping cart page or Custom position).

If you choose to custom the position, simply add the snippet to your HTML where you would like the button to be displayed.

2. Link to Chat Flow

If you created your Chat Flow before and want the client to receive the flow you designed after click button, please link them together at this step. Simply click on Add Chat Flow and choose a Chat Flow to connect.

If you do not have a Chat Flow, you can go to the Chat Flow tab to set one up. Please refer to this article for more detailed instructions.

Finally, you can choose to Publish to display the button on your store. However, if you are not satisfied with how it looks, you can always choose to Save as draft and edit it later on.

This is how your Subscription Button looks on the storefront if you choose to place it on your Product Detail page.