Simply click here and you will be redirected to SocialShop installation page on Shopify App Store. Then, click on the Add app button.

1. Set up your product source

You can choose to create your feed from All Products in your store, or from Specific Collections. Then, you are able to choose between using the product's title description as they are in-store (Default title), or use from SEO section in Shopify.

Next, if you want to only include the first variant of each product, choose First variant. If you want to include all variants of each product, choose All variants. Besides, if you do not need to include unpublished products in the feed, turn off Import unpublished products

Finally, click Get Started

2. Create a feed

After clicking Get Started, you are taken inside the app. Click Add Feed to start creating a product feed.

You are able to create feeds on Google Merchant and Facebook Catalog. For now, you can only create one feed per platform. To know how to set up a feed for Facebook Catalog, refer to this article.

3. Connect your Google Merchant Center account to our app

You need to connect your Google Merchant Center account to our app for the feed to be uploaded there.

Click on Connect with Google Merchant > Log into your Google Merchant Center account > Allow. Then, a window appears to let you set up the feed.

Choose the Google Merchant account you want to connect. If you have multiple accounts, choose one in the drop-down list.

Note: If you do not have a Google Merchant account, you will need to create one. Then, refresh the app to connect the Google Merchant account to our app.

Then, choose the Target Market, Language, and input a Feed Name. Click Next to create a feed.

4. View your feed in-app and on Google Merchant Center

After connecting your Google Merchant Center account, our app will sync products from your store based on your settings and create a feed in-app. Your feed will look like this.

Note: The syncing time depends on the amount of product your store has. If your store has over 10,000 products, this process will take a while to complete (more than one hour).

Click on the feed to view all products and their status. At first, your products will show as Pending as they need to be reviewed by Google. It can take up to 3 business days for your products to get approved. Please help to refer to this article to learn more about Google's review process.

After 30 minutes, your feed will appear in Google Merchant Center with the name Content API.

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