What does Socialreply do?

Socialreply is a powerful Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool for your Shopify store. Here are the main features:

The Reply Box collects and displays all your conversations from multiple social accounts in one place, allowing you to engage and respond to your audience easily. Moreover, you can also send customers your product information, create order, and confirm payment when chatting within the app.
The Chat Widget can be embedded into your store, giving you a stronger connection with your customers by guaranteeing all of their queries are getting replied 24/7.
The Growth Tool on your store front to grow your list of subscribers.
The Chat Flow enables you to create message sequences that keep buyers updated throughout their whole journey. You can utilize our existing templates to have a flow ready within minutes.

How to install the app and add your Facebook account?

Simply click HERE and you will be redirected to the Socialreply installation page on Shopify App Store. Then, click on the Add app button.

After logging in the app with your store domain, go to Manage Accounts. Here, you can manage all social media accounts connected to the app. Click on Add Account to connect your social account and the associated pages.

When this pop-up shows, choose the Facebook icon and log in to the account that you want to connect to our app.

When you see this notification, choose the page(s) that you want to connect and click Connect Pages. You can choose more than 1 page as our app does not have any limitations regarding the number of pages connected.

Click Finish to complete the connection process

Your pages will be listed in the Social Account list as below

Afterward, all conversations of all connected pages will be synced to the Reply Box. You can click on each page to view the messages and comments.

Note: To remove an account, simply click Remove on the right-hand side. However, please note that all conversations associated with this page will be deleted from the app.