The Landing page is one of the top trends to drive traffic and boost sales for your online stores. Let OneUpsell help you to build your page and schedule a flash sale campaign that will attract your potential customers. Let's learn about OneUpsell!!
What is OneUpsell

OneUpsell is an easy page builder that helps merchants quickly set up a sales landing page with pre-designed templates. Easily create & schedule flash sales in seconds. Select specific products to run a campaign.

Easily create & schedule campaigns
Select specific products to run a campaign
Pre-designed template warehouse
How to install OneUpsell

Click HERE to be navigated to the OneUpsell app at Shopify app store. Then, click Add App from the listing page.

Next, login into your store and choose the store that you want to install the app.
Once in your Shopify Admin, click Install app when prompted.
Click Get started now to start the app experience.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at