From version 1.7, OneUpsell will help merchants increase the interaction with their visitors efficiently even when the campaign comes to an end by having the Campaign Has Ended page. With this feature, when a visitor go to the Landing Page, but the campaign was completed before, instead of showing the "Error 404 not found" result, the site will announce that the campaign ended which is more user-friendly and provide a place which merchants can advertise their new campaign.

When users create a new campaign from version 1.7, OneUpsell allows you to have the feature Campaign Has Ended page and this will be automatically active, but you can decide whether to turn if off or not.

When the campaign is completed, the Campaign Has Ended page will show up and replace the Landing page. For instance:

You will have one Campaign Has Ended page template and can freely customize the background by choosing other background which is provided by OneUpsell or uploading the one you like.

Besides, you can totally adjust the content you want to display on this page by changing the title 1 and title 2 in the Content section. Remember to hit Save button once you finish your customization.

Beside the basic Campaign Has Ended page template, the second one will be available including a cool function which is a CTA button - a tool can redirect your visitors to another on-going campaign that you have on your site or simply the Product page which you just update some latest items.

Beside the Photo Background and the Content, you are able to change what you want to show on the CTA button such as calls to action by adjusting its Text.

For the site that you want to redirect your visitors when they click on the CTA button, just simply input its URL here:

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at