After creating a Media Source, the next step is to make a Gallery to choose what to display on your store.

What is a Gallery?

Gallery holds all the media (images, videos and carousels) that our app crawls from your account(s) in Media Source.

The special thing is a you can set up a Gallery to gather media from one Media Source, or from many Media Sources at the same time. Moreover, there is no limit on how many Gallery you can create.

This gives you complete freedom when choosing what to display on your store. For example, you can create a gallery that contains images/videos about a specific product from both your customer's hashtags and your own account.

Create a Gallery

There are two ways to create a gallery.

Create a Gallery from a Media Source

In Media Source, click on the icon (...) on the right-hand side > Click Create gallery > You will be redirected to the Gallery Settings page

Create a Gallery from scratch

Click on the second icon on the Menu > Click on Add new

In Setting, you have to name your gallery and choose which Media Source to connect. Once you press OK, you will see the gallery preview on the right side.

Tag product to image/video/carousel

With our app, you can tag products and even variants to all type of media (your Instagram photo/video/carousel). Not stopping there, you can also add badge to highlight products that are best sellers/on sale to attract more attention.

With this set of features, we believe your customers can easily see the images of products, click and buy what you are selling, in just a snap. Please refer to this article for more details.

Pin a media

In Gallery, you can choose to pin a media so it can be displayed first in a Widget. Simply hover your mouse over a media and click the Pin icon.

Afterwards, the image will jump to the first position of the widget. If you want to unpin an image, click on the Pin icon again.

You can see which media is pinned by clicking on the Pin tab

Show/Hide a media

One more function that will be of great help to you is to choose which image to display. To hide an image, simply hover your mouse on the image in Gallery and switch the toggle to Hide.

Edit/Duplicate/Delete a Gallery

You need to click on the (...) icon on the right of the Gallery, then choose the option that suits your need.

If you meet any issue while trying to fix these errors, do not hesitate to drop us a message in the live chat or email us at We would love to help you out!
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