Before, Socialwidget simply enables you to add your beautiful Instagram feed to any page in your store. This feature surely attracts visitors, but we understand that you want to convert them to actual buyers.

Therefore, we are exicited to bring you Shoppable Instagram Feed. It allows you to tag products to your Instagram photos, so customers can easily see the images of products, click and buy what you are selling, in just a snap.

Tag products to your photos

When you are done connecting your Instagram account, go to Gallery. Then, hover you mouse on the photo to see the function Tag Product.

After clicking on Tag Product, you can select the products that you want to tag in the photo

Note: If your store is password protected, buyers are not able to see the product tags on photos. Make sure to disable the password so all product tags can appear properly.

If you have too many products, you can find it by name in the Search bar. Tick on the product related to your image.

Click Save to confirm the product you want to tag

If you chose the wrong product, simply click on the bin icon on the right hand side to delete it.

Note: You can tag up to five products per post.

And here is the interface you will see:
On website

On mobile

Hide certain photos from the feed

One more function that we hope will meet your needs is to choose which image to display. To hide an image, simply hover your mouse on the image in Gallery and click on the icon on the top left. If the icon shows a slash, the image will not appear in the feed.

How do you think about the Shoppable Instagram feature? We would love to hear your feedback via in-app live chat or email at
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