Create multiple product feeds

We understand that you want to target multiple markets, so we now allow you to create multiple feeds for each platform. Simply click on Add Feed and open doors to new markets!

Please refer to this article on how to create a product feed on Google Merchant Center, this one on how to create a feed on Facebook Catalog, and this one on how to create a feed using FBE (Facebook Business Extension).

Tip: There is currently no limit on how many feeds you can create
Note: You cannot create a new feed with the same values as your existing feed. Specifically, you cannot choose the same target market, language, or feed name

Delete your feed

You can also delete an existing feed by clicking on Delete at the right of your feed.

By clicking on Delete, your feed will be deleted from the app. If you want the feed to be deleted on Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog as well, you can tick on the option.

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