Socialreply brings you two new features that help you to actively approach your buyers and engage with them throughout their whole journey. Specifically, you will be able to send messages straight to a customer's Facebook Messenger inbox. Let's take a look!

Growth Tool

Growth Tool helps bring customers or leads into direct conversation with your bot using call to actions or links. There is an extensive array of Growth Tools such as Overlay Widgets, Embeddable Widgets, Facebook Triggers and Other Widgets for your needs.

Currently, Socialhead offers five types of Growth Tools, which are Messenger Chat Widget, Subcription Button, Subscription Checkbox, Modal growth tool, and Get Started Button . All five types requires customers to subscribe to be able to receive your promotional materials straight to their Messenger inbox.

Chat Flow

After your customers subscribe to your store, they are directed to a conversation set up by Chat Flow. There is no coding involved, and you can utilize our existing templates to have a flow ready within minutes.

Chat Flow is triggered by one of these Shopify events (Order Placed, Order Cancelled, Order Fulfilled) or a Growth Tool. Regardless of the type of trigger, a user has to opt-in for the Chat Flow to run as aforementioned.

For now, Chat Flow works on 3 pages: Product Detail Page, Shopping Cart Page and Thank You Page. We will guide you on how to set up a Chat Flow with Growth Tool first.

Set up a Chat Flow with Growth Tool on Product Detail Page

Potential buyers always browse through product pages before making a buying decision, so you would want to engage and nudge them into buying right from this first stage.

Create a Trigger

To trigger a Chat Flow, we need to enable a Growthtool. Go to Growth Tool > Enable the Growth Tool for Product Detail Page > Click Edit

This kind of Growth Tool appears as a checkbox on Product Detail Page. You can customize every aspect of this box (content, color, padding, margin, etc.).

Tip: To adjust the location of the box, you can paste the code in-app into your theme.

Select a corresponding Chat Flow

In Opt-in Action, select the corresponding Chat Flow. If you do not have a Chat Flow yet, simply click on View chatflow detail to create one.

Create a new Chat Flow

Add a Trigger to start a flow. Since I want my subscribers to receive a discount code on Product Detail Page, I choose Facebook checkbox subscription

Note: One Chat Flow can apply multiple Growth Tools but one Growth Tool is only applicable to one Chat Flow.

You can also use our chat flow template as below

or create your own chat flow

To create a first step, drag and drop action element into the design area. To link the trigger to the first step, click on the button on the bottom right of the trigger and drag the line towards the first step.

You can edit content that you want to send to customers as well as adding buttons to insert links.

Moreover, you are able to set up the delay time after each step.

After adding a new chat flow, our new conditions such as Returning Subscribers and Schedule, will be in the top right corner of the screen. Kindly refer to this document to have more information.

Link the Chat Flow to the Growth Tool

When you finished creating your Chat Flow, go back to Growth Tool Opt-in Actions to link the Chat Flow and click Save.

Check the finished product

Here is how Growth Tools looks like on your Product Detail Page. To subscribe, your customers have to tick on the box. After subscribing, when they add a product to their cart, the set message will be sent directly to them.

You can easily repeat those steps above to create Growth Tools and Chat Flow for Shopping Cart and Thank You Page. Here are the examples for those pages

Set up a Chat Flow with Growth Tool on Shopping Cart Page

Set up Chat

Moreover, a Chat Flow can also be triggered based on these Shopify events (Order Placed, Order Cancelled, Order Fulfilled). In this case, Chat Flow keeps buyers always updated about their order, enhancing brand trust and saving you loads of time taking care of each buyer manually.

Set up a Chat Flow with Placed Order

The message will be sent to customers right away when they place their order.

Set up a Chat Flow with Fulfilled Order

When the status of order is fulfilled, the message will be sent to customers.

Set up a Chat Flow with Cancelled Order

Once the order status is changed to Canceled (the customer cancels the order themself, or the store admin cancels an order), your customer will receive the message.

If you have any further concern about our new features, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at********