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Unique Products for entire Price Editor list is the total number of unique products in 'On-going' Price Editor campaigns. If you add new products which make the total unique products exceed that limit, an error message appears and merchant can not activate the campaign.

Unlimited list discount created in Price Editor means that there is no limit discount plan generated from Price Editor. However, the unique products activated must not exceed the quota.

Pageview is a metric captured how many times the Landing page is loaded. In OneUpsell app, it is counted based on the number of clicks (from a browser) in every 30-minute session.

Monthly Pageviews is the number of pageview tracked in 30-day period. This metric will be reset every circle of 30 days since you started installing OneUpsell.

For instance: Let's say a visitor visits your Landing page from a constant browser 5 times within a single session of 30 minutes, view amount will be tracked as 1. Once they reload this same page from the minute 31, 2 views will be added to the total number of pageviews. In addition, if you are installing the app on 1/1/2022 and having 100 pageviews, this quota will restart at 0 on 31/1/2022.

OneUpsell Logo Removal function: Our logo will be automatically removed from the Basic plan.

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Priority user: You will be marked as Priority user once selecting the Free plan.

Pageview: Limit pageviews equals to limit pageviews on Basic plan. If it has yet come to renewal day, you can use unlimited instead. (This metric will be reset every 30 days since the first day you installed OneUpsell.)

Products in each campaign: We will pick the max product amounts in your all campaigns to be the limit for your new campaign. For instance: Before pricing plans, your campaign A, B, C has 20, 50, 70 products respectively. At this time, if you are on Free plan, you can add up to 70 products/ campaign.

If your maximum products are less than 5, you will be limited at 5.
Advanced functions: All of our premium features are available until you remove the app.

These special offers for Priority user, Page view, Products in each campaign, Advanced functions won't be available once you remove and reinstall the app.
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