Keep track of the app's progress

To keep you informed of the app's progress, we have added the Progres Bar at the bottom right.

Import products from your store to the app

If you just create a feed, our app will start importing products from your store to the app. The import process should be done within 5-10 minutes.

Sync products to your feed

After you create a feed, our app will submit products to Google/Facebook. Once you change any product information, our app will also re-sync and re-submit the new information. This submit process happens once every 3 hours. This frequency ensures that your products still get updated frequently while shortening the process.

Submit products to Google/Facebook

After your products are submitted to Google/Facebook, our app will fetch products' status (Approved, Pending, Disapproved, Error, Activated, Deactivated) and display it in the app. This process also runs once every 3 hours.

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