Understanding that language should not be a barrier in your worldwide connections, our Language Translation has been published to help you closer approach your customers, and raise your Instagram brand awareness. Let's see how we may surprise you!

Add languages from Shopify to your Socialwidget

Our app will utilize your Shopify's default language as the main language on the widget. Then, other published languages will be supplementary ones.

To find out which languages are set up and published on your store, please access your Shopify Admin page, then choose Settings and Store languages:

Default language: will show the main language on your storefront. Choose Change theme language if you want to select another default language.
Translated languages: will show the secondary languages on your storefront. Choose Add language if you want to include any other supplementary languages.

Translate languages on Socialwidget

Note: For any users installed the app before 29th September 2021, kindly choose Update access permission to grant our app your permission to crawl the related information from your Shopify. This request will automatically pop up when you access the app.

A. Static Content

This function allows you to translate any constant content on your Instagram feed. We have different sets of pre-translated content that appropriate each language.

Choose Widget tab
Tap down Language setting and Choose your preferred language

Note: There are 8 different languages supporting in pre-translated content in Socialwidget. If you select any languages apart from them, all set of content will automatically display by English.

Vietnamese - VI
French - FR
German - DE
Spanish - Spain
Italian - IT
Japanese - JA
Chinese (Simplified) - Z-CN
Chinese (Traditional) - ZH -TW

You can totally edit the pre-translated content to your preferred date.
B. Dynamic Content

This set of content allows you to translate your changeable content such as heading title, description, Show more button, Follow button, etc. To translate them, please:

Choose Widget tab
Tap down Language country code at Customize Widget step
Choose your preferred language

This translation feature supports for all types of widget. Nonetheless, for Creative Feed Widget, we do not have pre-translated content for any text inside the templates. You can only translate the outside contents such as title, description, button text, etc.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at support@socialhead.io
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