Welcome to part 2! In this part, you can learn about errors related to unique product identifiers (gtin, mpn, brand).

Limited performance due to missing identifiers [gtin, mpn, brand]

This error happens because one or more values you submitted for a unique product identifier (UPI) is either missing or invalid. Affected products are still eligible to show up in Shopping Ads, but their performance is negatively impacted (lower ad ranks).

Among the three identifiers, you can provide at least 2 for Google to approve your products. Since some products do not have a gtin assigned, you can submit the mpn and brand instead.

To add the mpn field, check with your supplier to get the correct mpn for your products. Then, go to Shopify > Products > Edit your variant > Add the mpn into the SKU box.

To add the brand, simply add it in the Vendor box. Our app will automatically sync these two fields and upload them to Google Merchant Center.

Invalid value [gtin]

Google will verify all the gtins that you submitted and will notify if those are incorrect. There are 2 different causes and corresponding solutions to this issue:

You provided the incorrect gtin

gtins are different based on the product type and the target country, therefore, make sure your gtins are correct.

GTINs can be the following numbers: UPC (North America), EAN (Europe), JAN (Japan), ISBN (Books), ITF-14 (all of these are defined below the barcodes on the items). You can check this definition of GTINs to figure out the correct format for each type.

You provided gtin for custom products that do not have gtin

In this case, you should use the identifier_exists attribute to indicate that unique product identifiers are not available for your product. The identifier_exists needs to be set to false or no. Since Socialshop uses Content API to submit the feed to Google, you need to set the value as no.

Unsupported value (restricted) [gtin]

This issue appears when your gtin has a prefix in the restricted range (it starts with 2, 02 or 4). According to Google, these gtins are ineligible for sharing externally.

To fix this, you should use a gtin that is not in the restricted range. If your gtins have the correct format but the prefix is wrong, please double check with your manufacturer.

Ambiguous value [gtin]

If you receive this error, it means Google does not recognize the gtins you provided.

Make sure that you have submitted the correct value for your gtin attribute.

Insufficient product identifiers: missing two out of three attributes [gtin, brand, mpn]

Once you have this issue, it means that you are missing at least 2 out of 3 unique product identifiers. To fix this, you need to provide at least 2 out of 3 identifiers:
Brand and gtin
Brand and mpn (applied for products that do not have gtins)

You can take a look at this article from Google about Unique Product Identifiers to find out the required formats.

Note: It is recommended to provide all 3 unique product identifiers [gtin, brand, mpn] to maximize your product listing performance.

Missing value [gtin]

You have submitted products in a category that Google suspects to have gtins, but there is no gtins provided. Therefore, you must provide gtins for all the affected products.

That's it for part 2! If you meet any issue while trying to fix these errors, drop us a message in the live chat or email us at support@socialhead.io. We are eager to help!
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