Similar to Google, your product feed is the backbone of your Facebook campaign. You might be less-than-thrilled about this part, but if your product are not displayed on a search, your customers are less likely to buy from you.

We know the frustration you have when your product feed is marked as error, and the trial-and-error process you have to go through to fix it. The good news is we know about the most common feed errors, and we want to guide you how to troubleshoot those issues.

We will categorize the errors into two categories, which are errors returned by Facebook and errors returned by our app.

Errors returned by Facebook

Image_link a required field is missing

If you choose to include all variants of your product in your feed, then this error happens when your variants do not have any image. There are two ways to fix this error:

If you do not place much importance on your variant image, you can apply the main product image to all variants. This way, all product variants will have an image so Facebook can lift the error.

Simply go to Feed Center > Click on the feed > Go to Field Mapping > Search for Image Link > Press Backspace to delete the Variant Image Url

Next, assign the attribute Product Image Url to the Image Link > Save Settings

If you want each variant to be clearly presented by a different, you need to update the variant image manually on Shopify.

Products can't be added by multiple data feeds: ids

If you see this error, it means the same item appears in more than one data feed, leading to product id duplication. If you mistakenly upload a new data feed file when there is already one, you need to delete the newer data feed from your Data Sources.

Simply click on the feed > Choose Settings > Scroll down to find the button Delete

Property rich_text_description contains invalid HTML

This error often appears when you use special characters for your description (&, /, icon, bullet points, etc.). Therefore, you need to remove these special characters and use only plain text.

According to Facebook, a product description should be concise, easy to read and provide only information related to the product. You can refer to the Product Description Specification to understand the requirements thoroughly.

Errors related to product title

Here are some common errors related to product title that you might get:

Title too long

If you use more than 150 characters for the title, this error will appear. You should keep your title concise and accurate while avoid keyword stuffing.

Uppercase tittle

Facebook disapproves the titles that are writen in all caps since people may associate all caps with spam or misleading marketing. To fix this error, you should use normal letter with correct spelling and grammar.

You can refer to the Product Title Specification to know Facebook's requirements and recommendation for product titles.

Errors returned by our app

In some cases, our app returns a few errors when it is not able to connect to your Facebook Catalog. We will guide you how to fix these errors as below.

Products have Pending status for too long

The products that are still pending do not get submitted to Facebook Catalog. Here are some possible reasons that cause the products to be pending for more than a day:

The password has been changed

You changed your Facebook password, therefore the access token is not valid anymore. You need to go to Feed Center, then look for the feed that has the error and click on Reconnect so our app can generate a new token.

The permission for our app has been removed on Facebook

In this case, you need to grant permissions for our application again. This can be solved similar to the case above. Simply click on Reconnect and choose the permissions that our app needs.

The data source has been deleted on Facebook Catalog

You might have removed the data source by accident, no worry, you can create a new one within the app. Similar to the above cases, the error message is also displayed in the Feed Center. You only need to click Create new data source for app to automatically create one and submit it to your Catalog.

If you encounter an error that is not stated in this article, feel free to contact us via in-app live chat or email at, we would love to help you out!
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