To downgrade your current plan, you need to ensure the advance features are disabled or removed to suit the conditions of your preferred plan.

Based on Socialwidget Pricing Plan, our app will automatically compare the feature data before and after downgrading and notify to the customers.

Review your current features and settings

Choose Pricing Plan tab
Choose Downgrade to your preferred plan and review on the popup notification

Depending on your current advanced features and the conditions of downgraded plan, the information in the popup notifications will be different.

Balance the quotas of Media source/ Gallery/ Widget

Proceed reducing the quotas that fit in the downgraded plan's conditions when you receive any notifications as:

Media Source

Total media sources over plan limit of the preferred plan
Hashtag media source
Tiktok media source
Stories media source
Custom profile media source

For instance: If you require downgrading to Starter plan, the Tiktok Feed, Hashtag Feed, Instagram Stories and Custom profile sources need being removed. (If any)


Total number of galleries over your preferred plan limit
Hashtag gallery
Tiktok gallery
Stories gallery


Total number of widgets over your preferred plan limit
Creative feed widget
Stories widget
Tiktok widget

Disable and remove the advanced functions

Proceed turning off or removing advanced features in order to suit the downgraded plan's conditions when you receive any notifications as:

Media Source

Source with unfit auto sync time

Choose Media source tab > Tab down the Auto-sync > Choose appropriate Auto-Sync schedule that suits your next plan


Product variant tag with hot badge

Choose Gallery > Tag products > Remove Badge icon > Remove

Media item with variant tag/ Media item with exceeded tag limit of your preferred plan

Choose Gallery > Tag products > Bin icon > Remove


Widget with unfit desktop template of your preferred plan

Choose Widget tab > Change your current advanced widget template to Basic Grid

Widget displays number of likes/ Widget displays number of comments

Choose Widget tab > Popup Settings > Turn off Enable likes count/ Enable comments count function

Widget displays Checkout/ Add to cart button

Choose Widget tab > Shoppable Settings > Choose (View Detail) by clicking on Open product detail in same tab/ Open product detail in new tab

Widget with custom background

Choose Widget tab > Layout Settings > Reset to default background (White - #FFFFFF)

If you meet any issue while trying to fix these errors, do not hesitate to drop us a message in the live chat or email us at We would love to help you out!
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