To customize the Threshold Quantity Discount, you will need:

Select My Offer tab
Tap icon
Select Upsell in Product Page
Scroll down and tap Edit
On Product Detail page

You can change the visual of Volume discount by clicking on Edit and be redirected to customize site.

Choose a suitable template for your campaign:

if you setup apply to Same variant only, the template 3 can not be selected.
There are 3 main sections that you can make changes:

Background: Tap on this section to custom Background color, Border, Padding and Margin

Heading: Edit content of your volume discount table to get more attractive. Here you totally can custom with different font, size, text color, etc

Discount levels: the visual of discount box also plays a key role to draw your visitors attention. At this step, you can easily customize this table to match your theme, and even alter the content that suits the discount:

- With Discount Amount Off: you can make change for the text of Minimum Quantity, Discount, Price per Product, Buy Quantity + , Get Discount Amount off.

- With Discount Percentage Off: you can make change for the text of Minimum Quantity, Discount, Price per Product, Buy Quantity + , Get Discount Percentage off.

Quantity , Discount Amount and Discount Percentage are getting from Threshold you setup before.
Install: This can help to place the Volume table to above or below the Add to Cart button. Furthermore, using Custom Element or Widget code function to place at your preferred position.

On Cart page

You will need activate Volume Discount on Cart page before customizing. Simply click Edit button if you want to make changes.

Discounted Tag: This allows to customize the discount has already been applied. For example: you setup Buy 2, Get $10 Off (or Buy 2, Get 5% Off if select Discount Percentage Off feature), then your visitors check out with 2 items. From the Cart page, they can see the tag of Enjoyed discount.

Enjoyed discount is only our default text. You can freely apply your own content here.

Upsell Tag: This allows to customize the next level of discount if your customers purchase more. For example:

- With Discount Amount Off: when your visitors purchase 2 items while enjoying your discount Buy 2, Get $10 Off, then on Cart page, they can see the tag of Buy 4 more to get $20 off (if you setup this for next threshold). (4 is Next level quantity and 20 is Discount Amount)

- With Discount Percentage Off: Your visitor purchases 3 items while you setup the discount of Buy 5, Get 20% Off, then when being on Cart page, there will be the tag of Buy 2 more to get 20% off to stimulate them to purchase more. (2 is Quantity left and 20 is Discount Percentage).

Don't forget to hit Save to apply those changes.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at