Getting your visitors engaged in Flash Sale promotions at the first sight, why not? If you haven't got any plans, let check it out at Promotion Bar ⚡️

In this article:

A. How to create Promotion Bar
B. How to setup and custom Promotion Bar
C. How to setup and custom Upcoming Promotion Bar
How to create Promotion Bar

There will be two ways in creating the Promotion Bar for your Flash sales:

While creating the campaign

In the process of adding a new campaign, please stop at the third step Select template → Activate the sales toolbox of Promotion Bar → Continue the rest steps → Save.

After creating the campaign

Edit Campaign

Select your preferred active campaign, tap icon and choose Edit Campaign

Add toolbox

Then, scroll down to Sales Tools section → Choose Manage page → Choose Promotion BarApply and Save

Promotion Bar only works when your sales campaign goes live.
How to setup and custom Promotion Bar

Kindly click on View Detail on Promotion Bar tab to see what you can custom this tool to suit your style.

Popular templates

There will be six different templates for your options:


1. Display rule

You can completely manage the position as well as appearance of the Promotion Bar here.

Enable on desktop/ mobile: Toggle on/ off these functions to show this tool on your desktop or mobile versions.

Sticky when scrolling: Every merchant has their own specific strategies for approaching additional customers. Activating this option to make Promotion Bar remain in the fixed position and not move with you. Otherwise, it will keep "sticky" when they scroll through your website.

Page to show: Similar to Flash Sale widget, you're able to opt which pages the Promotion Bar will be on. There are three different options here: All pages/ Product detail page/ Collection page.

2. Custom design

⚡️ Select Running State to design the Promotion Bar when your campaign is live.

More than anyone, we understand and believe the appearance of Promotion Bar might engage more visitors, gain orders and optimize your website as well. That's why we are trying best every day with these customizable functions.

Background/ Content/ Promotion Bar Size/ CTA button/ Show countdown

Please tap down these options and customize the Promotion Bar as your desire.

Close button

In order to bring your visitors a better experience when being on your sites, there will be a small X icon for their choice to remove Promotion Bar. Toggle on Show close button if you'd want to utilize this.

In addition, you can adjust the number of times your Promotion appears:

- Show again when reload page: the Promotion Bar keeps popping up when the page is being reloaded.
- Show again after [ ] day: you can opt how many days your visitors can see this Promotion Bar again after the last time they found it.
- Don't show this promotion bar again: the Promotion Bar is only shown at the first time.

How to setup and custom Upcoming Promotion Bar

Upcoming Promotion Bar functions as reminder to customers about the coming campaign.

⚡️ At Custom design, select Upcoming State to customize your Upcoming Promotion Bar. The custom features are similar to Promotion Bar.

This will automatically change to Promotion Bar when the campaign starts. If you don't want it to be active, please switch off Show promotion bar.
If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at