Bundle Deals can be seen as an encourage tool that helps to group related items to push additional purchases.
General Setup

Create Bundle Deals

Select Offer Type on the left menu → Create Offer

Add products

Trigger Products: are the one will trigger the offer.
Upsell Products: are the ones will be combined to upsell.

For example: If you sell shoes and upsell socks, shoes will be trigger product, and socks will be upsell product.

Select relevant bundles to add to a bundle. Click Add Product → Tick box before product or tap down to select its variants → Add

To gain the best performance for the bundle, there should be at least 2 and no more than 5 products chosen.
Add Discount details

Tickbox Enable discount for offer to deliver how much you apply the discount to both Trigger Product and Upsell Product.

Customize design

Hover on the Bundle deals template to Edit or see the Preview

You are able to edit the campaign after successfully creating.
Additional information

Bundle Name: You are able to edit the name here
Bundle Code: Once the discount is applied, this code will generate at the Check-out page.
Priority: is used to decide which offer will be triggered if an item associated with multiple bundles. Only the bundle with highest priority will be shown. If multiple bundles associated with the same items are created and the priority is set to same level (or even not setup), the most recent active will be applied.
Duration: The timespan for this bundle to be active on your store.

Activate a bundle

Double-check your bundle details. Click Save as draft to make the created bundle but inactive or Save & Active button to activate it in the meantime.

How the Bundle Deal displays

If the items in active bundle are sold out, there will be a warning to let the visitors pick another available ones.
Please click HERE to see how to customize your Bundle Deals.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at support@socialhead.io