We are excited to introduce you our latest significant feature for your Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool: LIVE SCRIPT

With Live Script, you can simply approach, manage and control customer's comments on your Facebook's Livestream.

How to create a Live script

Create a new script

Choose Live Script tab
Choose to Create your new script
Put your Script Name and click on Create button

Add product items and choose comment format

Add item

Click on the checkbox to choose which available products/ variants will be sold on your Livestream.

Select Comment Format

Socialreply will generate the compatible codes for each available variant on your Livestream. Based on these comment formats, you can easily and smoothly manage the on-sale products.

Shortened code

The customers are able to use this Shortened code (Live code) on your Livestream If they would like to buy an appropriate product.

As default settings, this automatic code consists of 2 consecutive elements: letter number.

letter: the 1st letter of product item name

number: increased from 01

For example: If your customer would like to buy this product variant: "I'M JUST WARMING UP" Unisex Zip Hoodie 2 → They need to leave a comment with I01

Extended code

This code contains the Shortened code and the preferred quantity of products/ variants that your customers want to shop.

For example: If your customer would like to buy 2 of this product:"I'M JUST WARMING UP" Unisex Zip Hoodie 2 → They need to leave a comment with I01x2 or I01 x 2

You are able to select both of these code formats.

Add Live video

After "Go Live" on your Facebook Business page, choose Add Live video to your Live Script.

The Livestream on Facebook Business page must be started before being added to your Live Script

How to manage variant's information on Item tab

Edit general information

Add Product: helps to add more products/variants to your Live Script
Edit Comment Format: helps to change the code format
Bulk Action: supports to select all the variants need to be removed
Resync products: helps to add-on the updated products from your Shopify store

Edit each variant's specific information

You are able to adjust the variant Quantities and edit the Shortened code as your preferences.

Inventory: the product stocks on your Shopify store
Quantities: the available products/variants will be sold on the Livestream

Quantity must be less than Inventory from Shopify store.
There will be a warning of Live code is existed If the codes are duplicated.
How to control comments on Live Video tab

Manage comments when on Livestream

Choose Live Video tab > Choose View Detail

New comments on your Livestream will be automatically updated to Live Script. Then, you are able to create the orders or send messages to customers:

Create Order

Choose Create Order icon > Choose Add Product > Select Product > Choose Apply > Choose Create

When Order successfully created, the receipt will be automatically sent to the customer. At this step, you can recheck on Reply Box tab.

Send a Message

If you receive any comments having further concerns about your items, you can click on this function and have a conversation with your customers.

Choose Ellipsis mark (...) > Choose Send a Message

When Message Sent, you can follow the chat on Reply Box tab.


When you have several same accounts with same comment contents, this function helps to allocate you to the correct comment that has order being created. After selecting, the comment will be bordered red to inform you.

There are 4 status for comments management:

Waiting: This will be marked by default when receiving any new comments
Created: The status will be shown when order has been created for one comment
Done: You can select this status when all the transactions have been completed
Spam: This helps to identify unrelated comments about your on-sale products

Only the Created status will be automatically converted from Waiting. You will need to manually change to other status.

Manage comments when ending Livestream

The system will automatically scan every 3 minutes on your livestream to update new comments and the status of your Live Video.

The Comments count, Format Content count, Created Orders count will be summarized and displayed after your Livestream is ended.

The removal of Livestream on Facebook will not affect to the updated information on Live Script. Then, you can completely revise and create orders as normal.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at support@socialhead.io