Let's experience our Flash Sale Widget feature to place your flash sale feed in any desired position on your website.

Similar to a Landing page, the process of adding a widget will be carried out by these following steps:
How to create Flash Sale Widget

There are two ways to direct to the custom page:

While creating the new campaign

In the process of adding a new campaign, please stop at the third step Select template → Activate the sales toolbox of Flash sale widget → Continue the rest steps → Save

After creating the campaign

Edit Campaign

Select your preferred active campaign, tap icon and choose Edit Campaign

Add toolbox

Then, scroll down to Sales Tools section → Choose Manage page → Toggle on Flash Sale WidgetApply and Save

How to custom Flash Sale Widget

Here you can edit your widget background, add the border, adjust margin and padding.

Furthermore, you can utilize the available widget templates or upload your own one.

Timer Countdown

This function will support aligning timer position, customizing the color and especially updating the timer content as your expectations.

Product Setting

Insert tag on product: Add a tag to highlight your promotion items.

Show original price, Show discount percentage, Show progress bar: Activate these button status to display information of your products

Show discount amount: Turn on this option to show the saving amount if your visitors purchase your product

Color: Here you can change the color of Quick View bar

The function of Show discount amount only shows on Landing page and Flash Sale Widget.
Quick view

Your customers may need to find out your items in details before making a purchase decision. Ensure that Quick view is thoroughly configured so that they can add your products to their shopping carts in seconds.

Here you can also alter the photo position and show original price, discount percentage, progress bar. In addition, changing the Add to cart button at Primary color.

Call to Action

This can help your visitors navigate to your Flash Sale page when clicking on.

You are able to change the style, background color, create border and update your preferred text to this button.

How to install Flash Sale Widget

Select My campaign tab → WidgetView DetailInstall

Auto install

With this function, you can select to add the Flash Sale widget on the existing page and the position (the top, bottom, and the custom position).

If you want to customize the widget position, simply click Custom → Select Element → scroll to your expected position on the redirected site, click Insert here.

If you select None from the drop-down page, the flash sale widget will not appear on any pages, except for those where the widget code has been embedded.

Widget code

If you'd want to add the widget by manually adding the code, simply select Widget codeCopy and then embed on your theme.

With this step, you totally can utilize both Auto install and Widget code function at once to put your widget at any preferred positions.
If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at support@socialhead.io