Landing page is one of the top trends to drive traffic and boost sales for your online stores. Not many merchants know how to take advantage of this opportunity. Let OneUpsell help you to build your page and schedule a flash sale campaign that will attract your potential customers.

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A. General setup
B. Custom campaign pages
General setup

Get started to create your sales- generating campaign by following simple steps:

Create new campaign

Select Dashboard
Tap Create campaign
Name and fill in Start date and End date

Campaign name: the name that identifies which sales event is run on your online store. There will be a default name according to the order of created campaigns. For instance: Flash sale #1, Flash sale #2, Flash sale #3, etc. However, you can completely choose a newly preferred name for your campaign.

Duration: Timespan of your flash sales event on the storefront. Select a precise time on the Start Date and End Date sections to show your customers how long your event will last.

Your specific time will place to Start Date by default. This time is determined by the time zone set on Shopify.
The provided time must be equal or greater than your current time, and End Date should be greater than Start Date.
Add product and Add variant

Add product

Tap Add product
Tick box to select products (You can also tick the button next to Product to select all available ones)
You can also filter by Collection or Product name/ ID → Tap Apply
To finish: Tap Add

Reset will return your current filter to its original default. The chosen items will not be discarded.
You are unable to filter collection and search by product name/ ID at same time.
Add variants

Tap down the ⬇ next (on the right-hand side of Product) to select which variants should be added.
Tick box the variants and tap Add

At the moment, the Pricing Plans are based on product totals, not the variations.
Edit your sales information

Reference Quantity: is the item's stock (quantity) at the time added to campaign. To get the latest stock, please remove and add this item to campaign again. This amount should be more than Campaign Quantity.

Campaign Quantity: is the quantity you'd want to sell on this campaign. This amount is optional, if it is blank, the app will automatically get the Reference Quantity. If the Reference Quantity is not Tracked, the app will display a format (number/ - ). For example: 10/ - (10 is Initial Sold), then the Process Bar won't run, although you created it successfully.

Initial Sold: the sold number of products as you want to display, and encourage your customers to buy more.

Price: the exact price of each product crawled from your Shopify website.

Discount Amount: the number discount that should be applied to each product. If you input the amount here, the appropriate percentage and Sale price will auto calculated by the app at the Discount Percent and Sale price columns.

Discount Percent: the percentage discount that should be applied to each product. If you input the % here, the appropriate discount amount and Sale price will auto calculated by the app at the Discount Amount and Sale price columns.

Sale price: the price your customers can buy the discounted items.

The Discount Amount and Discount Percent must be an integer. The app will round if it is a decimal number. For example: 1.5 rounds up 2 and 1.3 rounds down 1.
During the campaign, OneUpsell's mechanism will operate to modify the price of selected Shopify products to match the campaign's reduced price. After this event, the price before the discount will be automatically reset.

Utilizing this Edit function to adjust Campaign Quantity, Discount Amount and Discount Percent in bulk.

For instance: You are having several products on sales, and find it takes time to add the quantity one by one. This function will help to save your time.

Bulk action

Utilizing this function to modify your Campaign Quantity, Discount Amount and Discount Percent or Remove your products

If the campaign status is not turned ON, an Unknown Error will appear when saving.
Select template

Select the available template for landing page that suits your storefront's style.
Toggle the sales toolbox if you wish to use. Please refer to here to see which suitable plans for you.

Design & Publish

Custom Template for each sale tool as your desire
Tap Save & Active to complete the campaign

Campaign status and Delivery status

There are 2 Campaign status and 3 Delivery status on each campaign:

Campaign status: ON / OFF
Delivery status: Coming soon, Active, Completed

Coming soon: before start time of campaign on landing page
Active: throughout the campaign
Completed: after your campaign is finished

There is only one campaign status ON to ensure the quality of the flash sales campaign.
Add pages to Shopify

Access your Shopify Admin homepageOnline StoreNavigation → Tap a menu you want to add the pages → Add Menu items → Fill in Name and Link of your current campaign → Apply changesSave menu

Custom campaign pages

Tap View Detail (on My Campaign section) or choose Setting Page (on Plan for campaign section) to custom your pages.

Let's try out different customizations from two page types:

1. Coming soon page


Here you can choose appropriate layout for your campaign. There are 2 default templates showing your contents, products images, count down timer bar, placeholder and CTA content.


Click Banner to edit:

Background: Tap on this section to try out other templates or upload your own background photo

Content: Edit your content to help customers know more about your campaign. Besides, you can modify the font, size, color of text, line height and letter spacing

Timer Countdown: Edit timer countdown color

Subscribe button: help to edit content and layout of CTA button which helps your customers submit their emails on.

2. Landing page

Choose template

Similar to Coming soon page, you are able to select different template that suits your campaign.


Banner: There are a variety of outstanding banners to attract your customer attentions. You can utilize our default banners or upload your own banners.

Disable banner status button if you do not require using.

No banner size is required. The app will show full size of your images when uploading.
Timer countdown: This is one of the most effective ways to keep potential customers on your site longer until your campaign runs.
Likewise, there are different templates for your timer countdown. Though they are default templates, you can edit its position, text content, color, also timer and background color.

Disable Timer countdown status button if you do not require using.

Product setting: Your customers may be more curious and look for more information of your promotion items. Let's take few minutes to stand out this section!

Items padding and Border radius: Here you can edit the padding and border to make this product section be more appealing.

Insert tag on product: Add a tag to highlight your promotion items.

Show original price, Show discount percentage, Show progress bar: Activate these button status to display information of your products

Color: Here you can change the color of Quick view bar

Show discount amount: Turn on this option to show the saving amount if your visitors purchase your product

Disable Product setting status button if you do not require using.

The function of Show discount amount only shows on Landing page and Flash Sale Widget.
Quick view: Your customers may need to find out your items in details before making a purchase decision. Ensure that Quick view is thoroughly configured so that they can add your products to their shopping carts in seconds.

Here you can also alter the photo position and show original price, discount percentage, progress bar. In addition, changing the Add to cart button at Primary color.

Disable Quick view status button if you do not require using.

You can also track performance of your campaign when it takes place.

If you have any further concern, you can always reach out to us via in-app live chat or email at