To connect your social media accounts to Socialpublish, please follow these steps:

Go to Manage Accounts > Click Connect Social Accounts

Choose the social media account you want to connect

For Facebook

You need to have a Facebook page associated with your account to be able to connect to Socialpublish
Select the page(s) you want to connect > Enable all permissions > Click OK

Tick on the page(s) you want to connect > Click Connect Pages > Click Finish

Your account will be listed in the Social Account list as below

For Twitter

The process is the same to Facebook. To start, click Twitter as the account you want to add, enter your account and password, then your account will be listed in the Social Account list as below.

Notes: The amount of account you are able to connect is based on your pricing plan. It is not possible to connect multiple Shopify stores to a single Socialpublish account or switch the Shopify store after they are already connected. Every new Shopify store will require to connect a new Socialpublish account.

To remove an account, simply click X on the right-hand side. However, please be noted that your data will be deleted

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