What is the difference between an Instagram Business account and Instagram Personal account?

A. Instagram Personal account

Instagram Personal account is a basic account that everyone has when they first sign up to Instagram. User can sell product on Personal Account but they cannot run ads or join Instagram Shop.

Here is the interface of an Instagram Personal account:

B. Instagram Business account

Instagram Business account is a higher level account which gives you access to a variety of tools and functionality. The most significant difference is you can set up an Instagram Shop and sell directly from your Instagram posts.

Here is the interface of Instagram Business account:

How to tell the type of your Instagram account

If you do not remember which type of account you have, it is actually very simple to check. These are the steps you need to take:

Go to your profile, then tap the Menu icon in the top right corner of the app (it’s the three horizontal lines)
Next, tap on Settings, which is at the bottom of the menu
At the bottom of the Settings screen, there will be options to Switch to a certain type of account
You will see different options depending on your existing account type. For example, if you have a Personal account, the options shown will be Switch to Professional Account. Opposingly, if you have a Business account, then the options shown will be Switch to Personal Account and Switch to Creator Account.

How to connect to your Personal/Business Instagram account to our app

When you first log into Socialwidget, you have the choices to connect your Instagram Personal account or your Instagram Business Account.

If you want to connect both type of accounts, no worry, our app has no limit on how many account you can connect.

A. Instagram Personal account

After choosing Personal account, the app will ask for permissions of sharing information. Choose Allow to continue.

After connecting an account, you can see it in the Account tab. Since the app cannot sync your Instagram avatar yet, you can upload an avatar by choosing Upload avatar.

If you want to remove an account, hover on it and click the Bin icon on the top right.

B. Instagram Business account

After choosing Business account, you will need to choose the Instagram Business account that is linked to your Facebook account

Then, choose the Facebook page that you want to link with your Instagram Business account

The app will ask for permissions to sync media from your account to the app. You need to allow all permissions for the app to function properly. Click Done.

Click OK to finish

Similar to the Personal account, your Business account also shows up in the Account tab

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