For Socialshop

Go to Source Management. Here, you can add other Shopify stores, as well as set up each store to import the exact products that you want.

Click on Add New Source to add another Shopify store.

To edit the settings of each store, simply click Edit. You will be directed to the Source Setting for each store. In here, you have many setting options such as Exclude Products, Schedule Sync and Manually Sync Meta Fields. For more details on these options, please refer to this article.

In Socialshop, you are not able to switch store since all stores are displayed in Source Management and have their own settings. However, you can switch stores in other Socialhead applications (Socialpublish, Socialreply and Socialwidget).

For Socialpublish, Socialreply and Socialwidget

Click on your store domain at the top right, then click on Add Store to add another store. You can also switch between stores here by clicking on the domain you want to go to.