We have received a lot of feedback from our precious users regarding feed optimization and syncing process. Therefore, the team have come up with new features to provide you an even better using experience. Let's take a look!

Better feed optimization with Metafield

With this feature, Socialshop enables you to optimize your product feeds even further. First, the app syncs existing metafields from your Shopify store. Then, you are able to map the metafields to your product feed and have them submitted to Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog.

This means you can add much more detailed information to your product listing, which equals to more precise customer targeting and higher product visibility on both Facebook and Google.

What is a Metafield?

A Metafield has four components: namespace, key, value, and description (optional). Namespaces will be used to group different metafields, keys will be used to reference our information, and values will contain our unique content.

How to sync existing Metafields to the app

In Socialshop app, Metafield will be a part of Mapping in Product Sources. To add a Metafield, simply go to Product Source > Press Add System Field. Our app will display the list of existing Metafields on your store so you can choose which one to be synced to the app. After choosing, press Save Settings.

Moreover, you can also change the name of the Metafield to be something you can remember easily. For example, we set the name of the metafield to be "shipping field".

How to map Metafield to your product feed

You can go to Feed Center, then go to Mapping. Choose the Metafield you just synced to the app in Product Sources, which is "shipping field".

After you are done mapping the Metafield to the feed, here is how it looks like.

Shorten syncing process

You used to spend your time waiting for the app to sync changes in product information for Facebook Catalog, which is once every 3 hours. Now, the syncing process will be reduced to only 1 hour with the new submit flow!

In detailed, we use File to submit to Facebook Catalog instead of Content API. Whenever you change your product information in the store, it will only take one hour for the changes to be synced to the app. Moreover, you will be able to see our file in your Data Sources.

The feed file has the name of [Your feed name in-app] - [Socialshop]

Please note that the submit and fetch frequency are still the same, which is once every three hours.
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