After connecting your Instagram account, a widget will appear in Widget tab. Click on it to customize it to match your theme.

1. Feed Setting: Choose where to place the feed and its effects

Select the page where you want to place the feed, choose which gallery to display and choose the position (top or bottom at the page). You can place the feed at any page you want within the store.

Edit the text and image effect to your preference

For the image hover effect, you can choose between having no overlay and having overlay (Instagram icon)

2. Desktop and Mobile Setting: Edit the feed to fit your devices

Choose to display the feed as Grid or Slider. If you choose Grid, the number of rows and columns can be adjusted to fit your device's screen.

If you choose Slider, you can set the slide to Autoplay, as well as the amount of images to show on the slide and the duration per scroll

3. Theme Setting: Customize the feed to match your theme

Choose the font size, color, font-weight and alignment for your Heading text (Follow us on Instagram)

Choose the border and gutter radius for your feed. Other aspects of the overlay (if you choose to have overlay in the Feed Setting step) such as color, font color, font size and opacity can also be set here.

After three setting steps, click Activate to active the widget. You can press View next to the widget, or click Go to store to check how your feed turns out to be.

This is how the feed will look if you set it to be at the bottom of your Homepage.

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